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Managed Cloud Solutions

Highly Advanced Cloud/ Devops And Cyber Security Solutions.


The bridge between software development and operations,true optimization of your applications is our key mission,we can optimize your cloud and hybrid servers to serve content at optimal levels.


Protect your resources by detecting suspicious behavior and malicious activities, then responding to breaches quickly.Dont fall victim to a cyber attack take steps before the bad guys see a vulnerability.


Blockchain public and private node systems setup,and smart contract development,for the new world of cryptocurrencies,Bitcoin wallet security offchain and cold storage, and merchant terminal setup and consulting.

IT Server Solutions And Monitoring

From servers to security camera setup,experts in open source systems,Linux and also traditional windows networks we can keep you running 24/7,from cloud to hybrid servers over 20 yrs exp.

Techiex is a New York City based IT consulting group,which specializes in systems that are cloud based,with also keeping legacy systems running as well,we strive to modernize all IT networks we work on,with an emphasis on Devops,Cloud Management,Cybersecurity,Security Cloud DVR, and the new world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain we would love to work with you to modernize and protect your network,and to also introduce you to new technology that will change the world like Smart Contract Development on blockchains private and public.